On November 29, 1922, the Gremio Lusitano was founded by Alphonso Nascimento, Manuel Soares, Arthur Pelicas, Charles Almeida, Tony Augusto, and John Madeira at 19 Franklin Street, Ludlow, Massachusetts, with the purpose of bringing the Portuguese community together.

With money donated by the members and with help from Ludlow Savings Bank, the original Gremio Lusitano on Winsor Street was built in 1924, with Mr. Romano Santos becoming the first President and a member base of 199. In 1934, the Ladies Auxiliary was formed. The purpose of the Ladies Auxiliary was to help raise funds for the club and for a place where the women could get together to help participate in club activities.

Through the years the club has seen various other programs and affiliations come to light. The Lusitano Club Band brought back many pleasant memories of tunes from the homeland – today, the Gremio’s rancho – Flores de Portugal, continues to keep tradition alive with our culture’s folk dancing. Soccer has been the most fundamental, as the Gremio was instrumental in starting many programs, which are now known thru soccer circles around the world. Currently, the Gremio is home a D3 soccer organization, the Western Mass Pioneers, Lady Pioneers, the Gremio Lusitano Velha Guarda, as well as a youth soccer organization.

In 2003, under the supervision of President Celso Correia, the Gremio Lusitano took shape into the building that now stands today. The organization undertook a complete renovation and expansion of the entire building. Today, we are a club of well over 1200 members. We are home to an elegant 450-person capacity banquet hall, a large bar/lounge, several member rooms and a fitness gym. We look forward to serving you in any of the many ways we have served our members the past 80+ years.